Weekly Newsletter #86: Did You See Us? + Event Announcement

January 10, 2020

Did You See Us? + Event Announcement



Happy New Year, BYP Network!


As you know, we've got great plans for 2020 (which might just include our first announcement of 2020 - see below to find out more). With our focus on being bigger and better than before, we were delighted to have a spotlight piece on The Guardian. Did you see us? If you missed the article, you can read it here.


With this good news less than a week into 2020, we're feeling pumped and ready to hit all of our goals over the next twelve months. In the meantime, I want to take this moment to reflect on the past decade and what it's taught me. 




Peaks And Troughs Is A Life Pattern

I've been reflecting on my journey - and not just the wins. With my background in sports, I'm used to training for up to six months over the autumn/winter period with no competition, and waiting until summer to really reap those rewards. As a result, I get excited when things don't go so well or when times are hard. It's a cyclical nature that I've become accustomed to and it's those down times that actually give me the chance to appreciate the little things or to reflect on my past successes. 


Take some time to consider this. The best thing about tough times is the clear vision that comes from this. And if you are consistently getting wins, think hard. Is this sustainable? How will you cope when failure does hit?


Enjoy The Journey

I'm not always one to live in the moment. During my time at The University of Florida, I had some of the best experiences of my life, but at the time, I just didn't realise. Why? Because I wasn't in the moment. I was often caught up in training, results and performance and didn't take a moment to reflect on my situation: earning a free Masters degree and getting free food, medical, training and clothing. I didn't realise I was living the dream whilst I was aspiring to live the dream. Just how crazy is that? 


Take some time to enjoy the gift of living now. Be grateful and aware. It's just as important to live in the moment and revel in something that won't last forever as it is achieving it.


Share Your Successes

Many who know me know that, for most of this decade, this is something I have not done. It is only in the past two years of this decade that I have begun to be more vocal about my achievements. What's the reason for this? I found it hard to be proud of myself because I was always thinking, "I could have done better". Again, this goes back to my point on being grateful and aware. 


Remember to self-reflect, not self-criticise. You deserve to applaud yourself for the hard work you put in. Share your achievements and let others share and support your successes too. 


I'm looking forward to spending the next year learning and growing, and I hope you'll be joining me every step of the way.


Let's Go 2020,

Kike Oniwinde 



Event Announcement


For all of you who keep asking 'When's the next event?', we are excited to announce that our first event of the year will be taking place this month! On 30th January 2020, we'll be hosting our app launch at a London location. We'll have a panel talk with guest speakers, full presentation, food, drink, live music and much more. 


Super early-bird tickets will be available for £10 on Friday 10th January at 6pm on the app only. To ensure your attendance, download our app and join the BYP 2020 Events group and the London Events group. If you miss out, we will have higher-priced early-bird tickets available this Sunday in our newsletter.

We can't wait to celebrate 2020 with you!