Weekly Newsletter #84: Tomorrow Is The Big Day

December 11, 2019

Tomorrow Is The Big Day




Hey BYP Network,


This week, I've got only one thing on my mind. Thursday's general election. For those of you who read the newsletter two weeks ago, I attended the CBI conference (an annual event where politicians reveal their business plans and aims should they be elected into power). Ever since, I've had the general election at the forefront of my mind.

Not only will who we vote for on Thursday affect how businesses operate, it will have a direct impact on our lives - from our healthcare and childcare, to employment and our salaries, to our very own human rights. Now is not the time to close our eyes and ears to what is going on. We need to be pro-active and strategic, and to think about which parties truly care about our community.


In the past few years, we have seen the huge effects that the current government has had on our community - we've had the Windrush deportations, the lack of response to the Grenfell tragedy, the constant closures of youth clubs and ever-worsening NHS wait times. Do we want the current party leading the way? Or, should we fight for change?


My personal journey has taken some time. I never used to have views on politics or really cared. When I listened to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn speak at the CBI Conference, I realised just how much our vote matters. As a community, we have to think about what is best for all of us, not just as individuals.


For those who own their own businesses or who are classed as 'high earners', it's easy to think that voting Conservative might suit them more, but does this better the majority of our community? We have to think about how Tory policies might be detrimental to the black community, especially their take on combatting knife crime. There's little humanity about their strategy: more stop + search and harsher sentences are their plan, whereas Jeremy Corbyn has talked extensively against these ideals, and although his views might be considered 'airy', it's important to note that he is actively for the people and his views are more aligned with helping the masses. Corbyn has always stood by the community, from campaigning against apartheid to standing up for human rights. On the other side, we have a political leader who referred to members of our own community as 'piccaninnies with watermelon smiles'. Is this who we see leading our progression as a community? 


We're all in charge of our own futures and in the end, it's an individual decision when you tick the box, but let's all think about who's better for us all tomorrow, and most of all, go out and vote. 


Vote wisely,




Dope Black Dads x
General Election


 Are you seeking more resources on the general election tomorrow and don't know where to turn? We recommend giving a listen to Dope Black Dads' podcast in which they discuss why this election is one of the most important ones of our generation, the issues affecting the black community and why it's vital for you to exercise your vote.


Give it a listen & head to those polls on Thursday 12th December!


Listen Here



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