#BYPBLOG | Why you should download the BYP app | Tonte Bo Douglas

December 10, 2019

This week's #BYPBlog is a guest article from Tonte Bo Douglas, our guest blogger, who will be joining us as a content producer. Look out for lots from Tonte, from pieces on our podcast guests to great moments from our Senior Leadership Conference.



BYP is a movement I've seen grow from packed out networking events, to seminars and conferences which have brought like minded black young professionals together for some years now.


It’s clear that the next step for them was to put the BYP experience onto your phone, which they have done with the official BYP Network app. I have downloaded and signed up to the app and below are my thoughts for anyone interested in checking it out for themselves.


Having Trouble Staying Connected?


As we know, it can be hard for many professionals to meet like minded people while working long hours with not much additional time to socialise or stay connected and for this reason the BYP app looks like a good tool to have. There’s so much content on there that you'd be highly likely to find exactly what you are looking for on there. 


Easy To Use


The interface of the app is simple to use on your phone. Your feed is updated with new content in real time and as soon as a post is made by anyone you follow, it refreshes and shows on your app, so you can always stay updated.


There is also an explore page where you can search for specific content by categories, specific people which you might want to connect with, or search for groups to join depending on what you are interested in.


Power In Your Communities


The groups feature in the app is good for fostering communities with people in fields you might be interested in.


There are already groups you can join, from job search groups, to a black teachers network, to groups for lawyers, finance professionals, UK engineers, etc. You can even create your own groups if there is a community you would like to create that isn't there already.


Looking For Jobs?

Any job seeker out there should be looking at the jobs feature on the app. Several new jobs are being updated on there frequently, highlighting how serious BYP are with helping as many black professionals find work in their relevant fields as possible.


Meeting Many Different Needs


There’s so much variety in the kind of things you can see on the app. You can be on there to find out the latest news from people within the network, to find a mentor (or be a mentor), showcase your work, find out when the next events are, or you can just be on there to network and meet people.



Be A Part Of A Growing Network


There are so many people signed up to the app already that I think it's a no brainer for every black professional to sign up, make a profile and check out what is happening there.


I definitely give the BYP app a thumbs up, it’s clear to see the vision that they have with it of bringing talented individuals together to network, collaborate and create something special and long may it continue.