Weekly Newsletter #83: 2019 Just Got Better

December 6, 2019

2019 Just Got Better



Hey BYP Network,


How is it December already? We're a few weeks away from Christmas and yet, it feels like 2019 just began. We still can't believe our Senior Leadership Conference was back in September. We're already preparing and making plans for 2020, so keep your eyes and ears peeled as we'll be revealing more in due course. We want it to be even bigger and better and showcase even more inspiring and empowering leaders, and organisations who support the BYP mission and want to help our network to progress.


For those of you who didn't get to enioy this year's conference, we've got you covered. You can catch up on everything you missed from George The Poet's powerful keynote 'It Starts Now - Building Our Own Privileges to Bloomberg's Global Head of Diversity, Pamela Hutchinson's on her Life, Learnings and Lessons. Want to learn if you're equipped? Leadership coach, David McQueen, has the answers for you. Eager to get into the confidence mindset? Hear from Tolu Ogunmefun, Afrocenchix's Rachael Corson, Roxanne Campbell and more.


To access these and other talks from the day, you just need to download our app (download here on iOS and Android)Join the BYP Conference group - not only can you watch all the content (worth £500, but you can access it for free for a limited period of time) from the day, you can connect with others who attended and share your ambitions for 2020. We want to hear from you!


It's a great opportunity to relive the conference and learn all you need to accelerate and start the New Year the right way. With the new year on the horizon and the entering of the new decade, I'm personally hoping that this will be a brand new stage in the BYP chapter. It's all about collaborating, helping each other and building ourselves up together.


Grow with us, 




Join Us at this Black-Owned Market Event!



On Saturday, we'll be heading over to the Black Cultural Archives where we're sponsoring the Christmas Black-Owned Market, an amazing place celebrating black business owners.


Join us on Saturday 7th December - we'll be spreading the BYP word and sell merchandise at the black-owned Christmas Market.


BYP Network will be sponsoring black organisations moving forward and love what The Black-Owned Market are doing for the community, which is why we are more than happy to be supporting.


Free Tickets Here



Kike x Dope Black Dads




Our founder Kike Oniwinde was invited on to the Dope Black Dads podcast episode, where she spoke more in depth about #BlueStory.

In this podcast episode, Kike Oniwinde and Marvyn Harrison (Founder of Dope Black Dads) discuss their thoughts on the film, whether there should be more films with the theme of gang violence, the CEO of Vue's response to removing the film and how they plan to address the issue.


Listen Here 



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