Weekly Newsletter #82: Blue Story & Black Narratives

November 27, 2019

Blue Story & Black Narratives




Hello BYP Members,


This week, I want to talk about Blue Story. For those who don't know what Blue Story is, it's a film that tells the story of best friends Timmy and Marco who become rivals in a gang war. The film received negative press after a group of youths were caught fighting with machetes at Vue's Birmingham Star City cinema. Despite the fight breaking out in a screening of Frozen 2, it was Blue Story that Vue decided to ban - a decision I wholeheartedly disagree with and oppose. 


But, I want to talk about my experience with Blue Story. I travelled for over half an hour to find a screening of the film - it was sold out due to limited screening and I just managed to secure last-minute seats to a late screening. I'm a huge supporter of black business and to see a film directed by a young black British man filled me with hope. The film's ethos was that it was not a film about gangs, but a film about love. However, I struggled to find the positive message within the film.


Despite the initial claim of love not war, the film displayed constant scenes of gangs, shooting, machetes and violence. I'm no stranger to the subject matter - I grew up in East London and I have a personal connection to this story. At a time when Boris Johnson is talking about increasing stop & search, putting those arrested in prison within a week and enforcing longer sentences, we really need to think - why are we so passionate about supporting this narrative? 


I'm glad Rapman had the chance to do this feature film, but the time to see other narratives is now. I want to see films about successful black British lawyers, black British entrepreneurs, black British writers and more. What we put out there is what is feeding the youth of today. They need positive role models too. We are all vessels for change, and with the general election on the horizon, it's time for us to use our voices and change the narrative for good.



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