Weekly Newsletter #79: Just Like That... It's Over

November 1, 2019

Just Like That... It's Over



Hello BYP Members,


As Black History Month winds to a close, we're thinking about the past, present and the future of BYP. How do we grow? How do we make our app even better? To find this out, we want to hear from you. We want to build the best version of BYP Network for you, so we're seeking your views. 


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It's been a big year so far for us with:


Our job board officially launching, and currently offering jobs at Soho House, Lloyd Banking Group, Netflix, PwC and many more great places seeking diverse candidates. 


Our podcastWhy Not Lead? went live and we featured some of the UK's most senior leaders, from Renee Hunt and Andrew Pearce, to young trailblazers such as Elizabeth Uviebinené and Dumi Oburota.


Our Leadership Conference welcomed over 800 delegates, opening up with George the Poet and offering over 20 workshops, panels, keynote speeches and opportunities for our members to learn, connect and grow.


Our app recently relaunched and we'll be planning a celebration so keep your eyes peeled. Want to test the platform out for yourself? Download on iOS or Android, set up a profile, make connections and share with your friends! 



So, where are we going? We're excited for the future. We have a 2020 conference planned and will be releasing more information about when and where this will be held. It's going to be even bigger and better so keep your eyes peeled.

We're expanding our team and we're currently on the lookout for a Recruitment Coordinator, to handle the entire recruitment process from start to finish. 


And our biggest news? We're through to the final stage interviews for a prestigious Silicon Valley business programme. We'll be heading to Paris next week to talk all about why we need training to ensure BYP is the best platform to provide you with access to black professionals, black businesses, black networks and the best jobs.


We can't wait to see what the future brings and here's to all of you for being a part of BYP and black history.




We want BYP leaders. Wherever you're based, we want you to be involved! Read below to find out how you can be a leader and build your own community of young black professionals. All you need to do is send us your CV and a cover letter as to why you'd make a great BYP leader. Email us here





Our brand new app is live, and we want to use this platform to allow black professionals to connect with existing groups and niche networks. Want to get involved? Whether you're an employee network, a Black women's reading group, or an ACS, this is the prime time to widen your audience! Register here


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