September 5, 2019





Hey BYP Network,

What a day Tuesday's BYP Senior Leadership Conference was! With over 800+ delegates in attendance, 10+ fantastic sponsors from Sky, Accenture & BT to Airbnb, Deloitte, The Guardian & Grant Thornton, countless speakers, panels, workshops & hosts to special guests/influencers, it was a fantastic day.


Opening our doors at 8am, we were thrilled to welcome over 800 of you to talk all things diversity and inclusion, leadership and careers. A huge thank you to our volunteers who were on hand to assist all our attendees. We are so grateful to you.


If you weren't there, our CEO, Kike Oniwinde, kicked off the day with a welcome address, before we were left awe-inspired by the wonderful words of the award-winning George The Poet and motivational manifestations of Carl Konadu.


The day went by in a whirlwind. From morning workshops, panels, keynotes and speeches, to an afternoon jam-packed with AJ Odudu hosting for our eager attendees, to an afternoon of equally-inspiring talks hosted by Joy Omoregie, it felt like a matter of moments before the day came to its end.


We'll be posting all about the day next week as well as uploading all the pictures, videos and insightful content from the day so you can get a lowdown of what happened day step-by-step, and we'll also be offering some takeaways, follow-ups and content to consume. We hope you all left the day feeling inspired, motivated and ready to lead!


From students and graduates to influencers and bloggers to senior leaders and entrepreneurs, what we cherish was the feedback from our guests that they had never experienced an event like this before. Those words tell us just why this event and why BYP as a network is so necessary.

We aren't just providing a service to help our community, we're creating a legacy, building a community and making history. And, we want you to be a part of it with us. 


If you enjoyed the day, share your experience at communications@bypnetwork.co.uk - we'll be building up all the testimonials from our guests to share widely. Post your pictures and tag #BYPConference19, sign up to our newsletter, apply for a job on our board, listen to our podcast and champion us! We wouldn't have made it here without our community, and we look forward to growing even bigger with all of you on our side.






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Go forth and lead!




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