Weekly Newsletter #67: Lessons I Learnt from Afronation



Lessons I Learnt From Afronation




Hey BYP Network,


I hope you're having a great week. This week's newsletter is jam packed with lots of exciting news, from special guests at our Senior Leadership Conference to a brand new blog post on how to have a conscious commute, as well as a fantastic new job role at Paneseer on our job board and the opportunity to donate to one of the UK's best summer camps.


Today, I want to talk about Afronation - the brand new festival that was hosted in Portugal over four days. SMADE, the co-founder of the festival, took an entrepreneurial risk and succeeded in uniting the African diaspora. People doubted SMADE saying that it would be another Fyre Festival and others even refused to attend, suggesting there would be violence.


In turn, Smade chose to focus his energy not on the nay-sayers, but on his vision. And guess what? The festival was a total success. There was no violence, everything ran smoothly and on time and the performances were the epitome of black excellence. Locals even mentioned how impressed they were by how friendly we all we were.


20,000 black Brits travelled to Portugal for this festival and not only was it a complete success, it went towards changing the black narrative yet again. I left feeling inspired. For me, the biggest takeaway was about TAKING RISK. Smade didn't have to take on this festival - he channelled his positive energy and ignored the negativity. He also fasted and prayed for four months to ensure that this festival ran smoothly. 


Post-event, I've been disappointed to see people share videos claiming the festival was 'ratchet'. The truth is, having attended it myself, this wasn't the focus of the festival. But it leads me to the conclusion that no matter what you do or how well things go, people will always attempt to discredit you. The important thing is to move on, keep striving and work harder.


 So, this week I'm asking you:

 What sacrifices are you making to ensure the success of what you're doing?What are you putting in place to ensure that everything goes to plan? 


As black people, we can UNITE, we can have a great time, stay focused and witness EXCELLENCE. The emphasis is on SUPPORTING EACH OTHER. As an entrepreneur, I take responsibility for my community and my network. It makes me feel even more inspired for our Senior Leadership Conference and beyond!


We're ONE MONTH AWAY from our Senior Leadership Conference and we can't wait to see old and new faces! Experienced hires, whether you're looking for a change of career or want to progress in your field, it's the must-attend event of the year. We've got new ticket pricing so check out your tickets below. 


Let's Build Each Other Up!

Kike Oniwinde, CEO of BYP Network





AJ Odudu & Tolly T Announced | Have You Booked Your Senior Leadership Ticket Yet?



In case you needed more of a reason to attend this year's Senior Leadership Conference, we're delighted to announce two very special guests.

Tolani Shoneye, better known as Tolly T, from The Receipts podcast will be hosting our panel 'Confidence Is a Mindset: Learning from the Creatives' where she'll be talking to Darren Tenkorang (CEO & Co-founder of TRIM-IT), Roxanne Campbell (Celebrity Manicurist) and Tolu Ogunmefun AKA Don't Jealous Me (Actor, Influencer, Host).

We are also delighted to share the very exciting news that presenter and model, AJ Odudu, will also be hosting all morning + welcoming our great panellists and speakers. 

Haven't booked your ticket yet? Don't miss out! Individual tickets are now just £69 and £129 if your corporation is hiring so make sure you convince your boss!





5 Ways To Be A More Confident You



This week, we're thinking about CONFIDENCE. We've been reading this piece on London Global Shapers by Managing Director of Clearview Research Ltd, Kenny Imafidon, and it's full of handy tips on how to become a more confident you.

From celebrating your wins and executing to reminding yourself of the times when you achieved something that at first you did not think you could to surrounding yourself with people with a high level of confidence, we recommend channelling these suggestions in both your professional and personal lives.

Want to hear more of Kenny Imafidon's wise words? He'll be on our panel all about Reimagining the Future with Black Leadership with Adenike Adenitire (Editor of Future Leaders Magazine at Powerful Media LTD), Mwila Mulenshi (Founder of Success Looks Like You (SLLY)) and Andrew Fairbairn (Founder and CEO of SEO London).


Make sure you secure your attendance - you won't want to miss out on this.


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The camp will be offering 8 - 16 year olds in the community tutoring (English, Maths & Science), sports coaching and leadership training throughout the 6 week holiday.

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