Weekly Newsletter #49: Do you want to build an app?

Do you want to build an app?




Hey BYP Network,


We have some exciting news for you! MVP are giving you the opportunity to create your own app. 

Are you inspired by BYP? Want to come up with your own Facebook or Twitter? M14 Industries will help you make the process of creating your app as simple as possible by taking you through the journey of your 'MVP' - the first version of your app. They'll guide you through the maze of publishing on app stores, work with you to create branding, including logos, tone, micro-copy, colours and graphics. They'll also offer you unlimited hosting for 12 months, monetise your app with multiple pricing tiers, give you a free domain name, offer consultancy sessions and much more.


It's a priceless opportunity! I started BYP not having a tech background, so this is a great opportunity for like-minded entrepreneurs who need the skillset and support to have their dreams a reality!


So, want to get involved? Apply here!

  We're also giving away copies of Candice Carty-Williams' brand new book, Queenie, soon releasing our second episode of Why Not Lead?, new job roles & we're wanting more networks and ambassadors! Read below to find out more.


Have a great week,








Last week, we launched our podcast, which discusses the avenues of success with junior and senior leaders. Why Not Lead? is defining the idea that growth in your career and your life, does not happen with one formula alone.


In our second episode, Kike Oniwinde speaks to Dee Stirling. 


Dee Stirling is co-founder of Two London, an exclusive referral only advisory service. The clients of Two London include entrepreneurs, business people and philanthropists who wish to raise their profile, launch themselves and their business or create platforms for their philanthropy and awareness for their cause.


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We Want Networks


In Spring 2019, we'll be launching a brand new app. It's a platform that allows black professionals to seamlessly connect with existing groups and niche networks. Whether it's through sharing events or highlighting important opportunities - joining this app will grow your community. We'll be working with an initial group of networks to ensure our app has everything that they need. These groups will be the initial cohort on the platform at launch.


Want to get involved? There's no time like the present! Whether you're a BAME employee network, you have a Black women's reading group, or you're an ACS, this is the primetime to widen your audience and build your base!


Register here



Book of the month: Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams