Weekly Newsletter #43: Black Women Making Waves

February 20, 2019

Forbes: Black Women Making Waves




Happy Wednesday to you all!


Last week, I didn't think things could get any better after I was featured in Forbes 30 under 30. This week, I was delighted to be featured in a piece on the black women making waves in technology. 


In the Forbes piece this week, I spoke about my experience as a black woman working in STEM, my vision for the future of STEM and the advice I'd share with young black women looking to break into the industry.

What I found inspiring was the other black women in the article too. Co-founder of Elpha, a private online community for women in tech, Abadesi Osunsade, talked about why her platform was so necessary, and why we need to support each other to overcome the invisible barriers to our success.


Equally impressive was Davinia Tomlinson, the founder of Rainchq app. With a background in finance, FinTech entrepreneur Davinia launched a finance app for women to promote inclusion and better financial guidance and support for women. 


In my experience, there have been multiple times when I've been in the FinTech space and been the only black woman, or the only woman of colour in the room (and sometimes, the only woman). To see a major media publication supporting mine and other black women's achievements is a wonderful thing, and I hope to see a lot more! 


On the subject of talented black women (and men), we're hiring for two full-time positions! We want a Personal Assistant and Business Development Executive to join our team! If you know of someone, make sure to pass this on! 



What's happening in BYP world? We have an event planned for March, so keep your eyes peeled (Jordan Peele'd) 😉



Keep Supporting Ourselves!

Kike Oniwinde




BYP featured in Upmarketry




BYP Network was featured on Upmarketry's Meet The Founder series. In this article, I talk why I set up BYP Network, my sources of inspiration, what piece of investment was worth every penny, and my proudest moments so far.

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The BYP Ambassador Programme




It's your last chance to get involved with BYP! We're looking for ambassadors from all walks of life, with a range of work, education and life experience. All you need is a passion for empowering the black community and to want to make a difference!


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African Healthcare Hackathon




The 2019 African Health Hackathon is a fun, exciting and high-energy competition where people compete, in teams to create brilliant ideas and potential start-ups for the problems of African organisations, businesses and initiatives.


At the end of the competition, teams will present their solutions to a panel of top expert judges. The team that presents the most brilliant solution, wins!


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February's BYP Book of the Month



 You Missed A Spot: We're Diverse, I'm Inclusive


Writer, Korede Agiri's book explores art, travel, fine dining and more!


You Missed A Spot: We’re Diverse, I’m Inclusive speaks to the aspiring, talented, and multi-faceted people who may not come from privileged backgrounds and, as a result, may have missed the memo on certain aspects of life that most of their peers received.


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