Weekly Newsletter #41: We Want Networks!

February 8, 2019

We Want Networks!




Happy Wednesday!


It's been an amazing week for us. We were featured in The Times diversity and inclusion supplement, talking to Iman Amrani on Culture Fit/Culture Add, and this week, we've been featured on the amazing Flash Pack website (see below to read more).




After our Vision Board Event, we've been thinking about more events we want to put on and we've been planning, so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news hitting your inbox soon. We were also delighted to see one of our attendees from the event write an incredible blog post on the evening. Check out below to read it.



Now, some exciting news for our networks! 


In Spring 2019, we'll be launching a brand new app. It's a platform that allows black professionals to seamlessly connect with existing groups and niche networks. Whether it's through sharing events or highlighting important opportunities - joining this app will grow your community. We'll be working with an initial group of networks to ensure our app has everything that they need. These groups will be the initial cohort on the platform at launch.  


Want to get involved? There's no time like the present! Whether you're a BAME employee network, you have a Black women's reading group, or you're an ACS, this is the primetime to widen your audience and build your base! 


Register here!




And to round off,  


Young, Black and...


We're loving these articles on:


Being Young, Black and Defying Stereotypes


Being Young, Black and Raising Your Voice


Being Young, Black and Married  



Get Networking!

Kike Oniwinde







We're delighted to have been featured in Flash Pack's piece on 'Saying yes and learning later'. Our CEO and Founder, Kike Oniwinde, talked about the risks she took and how they paid off!


Read here



Vision Board Event Blog!




 'Fast forward to this week, I attended a vision board workshop organised by the BYP Network. I sat in a room full of young, black people invested in progression and bettering themselves. We cut out images from magazines and newspapers to create collages of our visions for the next year and beyond. We supported each other, we inspired each other and we dared to dream.'


We love this event write-up from Michelle Mac, one of our lovely attendees at our BYP Vision Board Event, the first event of 2019!

Read more here!



Want a New Job?




We're hiring! We're currently looking for the following to join the BYP team - Business Development Executive, Social Media Officer, Community Engagement Officer and Business Admin Intern!


Our Careers Board has amazing new roles including Head of Technology at The Mill, Director of Technology Innovation at The JM Group, and Technology Project Manager at Searcys.


There's also more roles at Sofar Sounds, WorldFirst, Blue Optima and Microsoft! 


Don't miss out! Apply here



The BYP Ambassador Programme




Are you passionate about the BYP cause? Do you want to make a difference in the community? Whether you're a student, in full-time work, or you're just wanting to get involved in charity/volunteering, this could be the option for you.


To register, fill in this form!