Weekly Newsletter #39: Brampton Manor & Black Excellence

January 26, 2019

Brampton Manor & Black Excellence



Happy Wednesday!


This week, I've been reading a lot about the great things going on in our community. If you haven't heard, Brampton Manor, a school in East London, made history, with 41 of its students being offered a conditional place at Oxford or Cambridge.


Brampton Manor may be located in one of the poorest boroughs in London but its success now rivals that of some of the top private schools across the country. In 2015 68 students from Eton College were accepted by Oxbridge, out of a cohort of 267. The school is one that is made up of students of different backgrounds, particularly those of African, Caribbean and Asian heritage. So why was it that when interviewed on Good Morning Britain, were these students referred to as 'miracles'? Could it be to do with the fact that the school has White British population of 2%?


This goes back to the idea that as expectations are limiting and when we do succeed, we are seen as 'rare' or 'miracles'. It's time we debunked these myths and showed the world that our abilities are unbound! 


In the words of the inspiring executive principal, Dayo Olukoshi OBE:

 “It’s not about the way you look. It’s not about your skin colour or whether you fit in or not. It’s about – how ambitious are you? How big is your dream? Because we are in the business of bringing your dreams into reality.”



On this note, I love this new project from 56 Black Men. Championing the idea that “I am Not My Stereotype”, the campaign, created by Cephas Williams, looks to challenge the general stereotype of ‘the black man’ and the negative connotations and stigma attached to the cliché image of a black man wearing a hoody. The campaign makes a visually bold statement by showing black men wearing a hoody, while it also features text on what these men currently do for work. It features men from the world of finance, the arts, law and business, right through to the medical field and more. 


On a quick note from us:


Did you see we were featured in the biggest London newspaper, The Evening Standard? Check out the feature below.


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Let's defy expectations together!

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We were delighted to see our founder and CEO, Kike Oniwinde featured in London's biggest newspaper last week! Kike Oniwinde won The F Factor in 2018 for coming up with BYP Network and they're on the lookout again!


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