Weekly Newsletter #38: #10YearChallenge

January 16, 2019





  Have you seen the viral #10YearChallenge making the rounds of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and every other social media site?


Even I had to get involved (see the incredible transformation from teenage Kike to CEO Kike here). But this funny challenge actually got me to thinking, what has changed in the past 10 years and how have I changed? I've navigated school, university, living across the other side of the world, leaving the FinTech world and setting up my own business. If you'd have told me that I'd be where I am now, 10 years ago, I wouldn't have believed you. Yes I was doing very well academically, but at the time, I was training as an athlete and I thought I was going to be an Olympic champion! Now, I'm a CEO of a tech company - how things change!


This propelled me to think about the future of BYP. Where do I want BYP to be in 10 years? I have a vision for BYP. In 10 years time, we should be connected to every black network and professional. That target is currently 55 million. We should be connected to every organisation that wants to tap into black talent and respects black individuals. Our network should be empowered to work together to improve black attainment across the globe. I see BYP Network being a real force for change and the go-to platform for all things black attainment. We'll be here to support you by connecting you with those that can help all throughout your journey. BYP Network will be a staple in our lives that promotes community first and foremost.


If the New Year has got you feeling like you're unsure of where you want to be in the next 1-2 years, let alone the next 10, consider our first event of the year! We're hosting a creative and fun night in East London on January 24th from 6.30pm, where we'll be discussing envisioning your goals, working towards them, and deciding what you want. We've only got 15 tickets left, so make sure to be quick!


We're also launching our #BYPBookclub - every month, we'll be highlighting a book we think you should be reading - for personal or professional development (and sometimes for fun!). We know that published books often get a lot of attention, and we'll be featuring some exciting titles from some of the biggest publishers in the UK, but we also want to highlight self-published or upcoming authors in our community! So, if you've written a book or know someone who has, drop us an email here and we'll review it and consider it for our #BookOfTheMonth!


Keep striving!

Kike Oniwinde



Event: Vision Board Workshop 




We're hosting an event for creatives, professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and everyone else who wants to transform their 2019, and have the opportunity to meet and connect with fellow like-minded black talent!

There'll be a welcome with music, refreshments from Lekki Suga and more, a guest speech from our CEO and founder, Kike Oniwinde, a creative session time + a Q&A / shout-outs, and networking opportunities at the end!

Less than 15 tickets remaining!

Tickets are available now here! 




Introducing the #BYPBookclub



Every month, we're going to be highlighting a book written by a black author which we believe helps professional or personal development.


Kicking off our first month is How To Be a DIVA at Public Speaking, written by Shola Kaye, an award-winning public speaker, international singer and founder of the training company Speak Up Like A DIVA. 


This book is the perfect guide to developing your confidence, whether that's knowing how to engage your team in a meeting, to winning a pitch by using the right skills and techniques.



Check out our full review on our website + the book is available on Amazon here!


We're Hiring!