Weekly Newsletter #34: Speak Out

December 21, 2018

 "Your accent does not make you less intelligent than the person sitting next you."


Many of you may have seen this viral video on Twitter. For Jack Petchey's Speak Out Challenge, is the world’s biggest youth speaking event, the inspiring Keji Ayanda talked about how people miscontrue her abilities and her aptitude, based upon her accent. Her story struck a chord with many, praising her on her honesty, her courage and her pure brilliance at highlighting the hypocrisy of those who undermine her.


Keji's story isn't an isolated incident. As a community, we all face being judged and face prejudice based on stereotypes associated with our appearance, our behaviour and our general being. 


This echoes in the workplace too - 80% of employers admit to discriminating based on accent - it's a societal problem. With the recent news of the Ethnic Pay Gap, and journalists uncovering stories of discrimination in the workplace in various different industries, it's high time we started addressing inequalities and speaking out. 


If we want to change the narrative, it's time we start challenging certain beliefs, calling ignorance out and embracing the things that make us who we are!     


In the words of Keji herself:

"My accent does not determine my success but is a part of me that makes me different and unique"


Keep Speaking Out! 

Kike  🏾

The Art of Networking



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