Weekly Newsletter #29: #BEHINDEVERYGREATCITY

November 21, 2018



 Hi guys!


It's been a busy week! For those who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I was in Paris with Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London.


To explain, myself and 15 other women of colour campaigned for more representation in showcasing businesses internationally. This led to a round table at City Hall where we discussed ways of sourcing talent and including our community. From this I learnt about the Business Growth Programme, which I applied to and was successful on. This then led to me being accepted on to the Mayor's International Growth Programme including the trip to Paris.


I was one of the 13 female founders of the fastest-growing companies in London invited to Paris to represent my city in business. It brought back fond memories from when I spent my life representing my country in sports. I've made some amazing connections with French businesses and citizens and I'm truly looking forward to the international growth of BYP.


The truth is for Black women in the UK, representation is a huge issue. We don't see ourselves in the boardrooms of big corporations, on the front pages of magazines, or in many power positions. That's not to say we don't exist, we do - but we're not reflected in this way. For us to move forward, intersectionality needs to be taken into consideration when we talk about women's initiatives like the #BehindEveryGreatCity - we need to continue bringing ourselves to the forefront of the discussion.


There is nothing wrong with speaking up. In fact it's the right thing to do when there are clear discrepancies. I was good enough to be on the programme but I didn't know about it. Speaking up led to new doors being opened, not just to me, but the community too. I feel very honoured to represent London in business and for the many more people that will get the same community.


In Sadiq Khan's own words, 'Diversity brings added creativity, increased revenue for business and greater success.' Here's to seeing more of us winning awards, heading up companies and being seen! Let's continue to grow this network,

Kike 🏿


Xmas in Wakanda!




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