Weekly Newsletter #28: OUR JOB BOARD IS LIVE

November 7, 2018


 We have some very exciting news! A while ago, we surveyed you and asked what you'd like to see from BYP Network. From the results we promised you lots of new additions to BYP coming your way, from our app re-launch to lots of new offerings and rewards for our members. And there is! Networks and ACS societies, keep an eye out as we've got exciting news for you next week. 


But what's our news this week? WE HAVE A JOB BOARD! (ok ok it's currently powered by indeed as this is a testing phase - but it's a start!). From this day on, BYP will be home to a job board offering apprenticeships, internships, part-time and full-time roles across all industries and experience levels.


It's exciting stuff, and in the near future, the job board will offer roles EXCLUSIVELY for BYP members, so make sure you stay updated by creating a profile now!


We recognise that our members are all different. We have pharmacists, lawyers, doctors, artists, singers and students - we're a diverse bunch! Our job board will aim to offer the same diversity of roles and opportunities, and we'll be posting some great jobs in organisations who want to INVEST and DEVELOP black talent.


So what do you have to do? Click this link, create a profile and upload your CV (or if you want a quicker way, sign in with your LinkedIn). We also offer a free CV review once you filled out your profile! You can then sign up for job alerts to stay up to date of when new roles are added.


Today is DAY 1 of our job board but we are looking forward to the growth as we connect innovative companies that recognise the need to market directly to black professionals.


We hope you find your next career move with us! And remember to spread the message!


Time to go job hunting!

Kike 🏿


Xmas in Wakanda!




On 1st December, we will be celebrating another year of BYP at Grange City Hotel. There'll be a three-course meal, drinks, live DJs and performances, our Black Excellence awards ceremony and much more.


We will be revealing our Wakandan-inspire menu next week, so keep your eyes peeled. This is truly an event not to be missed and we look forward to toasting to another year.


Standard tickets are available now. Buy them here.



Black Excellence Awards

Vote for your fellow Black professionals in our Black Excellence Awards.


Winners will be announced at our Xmas in Wakanda event on 1st December, where they'll win some special prizes awarded from our generous sponsors. 



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