Weekly Newsletter #23: Knowing Your Worth


 Recently, we came across this article on The Guardian. It brought to light the revelation that many have spoken about before, but which hadn't been talked about so openly in the media - black people are being underpaid in their positions. 

This article focused on black medics in the NHS, and how they are being paid thousands less than their white counterparts. The findings showed BME staff also face unacceptable barriers and discrimination. We heard plenty of uproar around the subject of the Gender Pay Gap, but we think it's high time we talked about the BAME Pay Gap. It exists, not only in the UK, but across the US and beyond.


It's an issue that affects the Black community on the whole. Whilst some may argue it isn't a huge problem, it results in Black workers finding it harder to progress in our careers, tackle the subject of pay reviews, and maintain work satisfaction. Outside of work, it impacts us on a larger scale - will we be able to afford houses, support our families, and stay healthy and happy? 


As part of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers, we will be focusing on the BAME pay gap, and specifically looking at how this affects Black women. If you're interested in helping us investigate the issue, fill in our survey. 



How can you play a part? 


Opportunities are still available for those of you who are interested in our mentoring programme. If you would like to offer your expertise to upcoming talent, fill in the form here.


For students, we're pairing up with African & Caribbean societies. Register your interest here to join the party!



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This week's blog comes from James Abayomi Ojo (@JayYoms)


I recently checked out UKBOB which gained popularity a couple of years ago as the #ukblackownedbusinesses hashtag created a Twitter storm showing signs that black people were tired of investing their money into brands and businesses that do not represent or consider them and as a result.


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