#BYPBLOG: What's happening in the UK Black Business Scene?

October 2, 2018

What’s popping for UK Black Businesses?

Written by James Abayomi Ojo (@jayyoms)




I recently checked out UKBOB which gained popularity a couple of years ago as the #ukblackownedbusinesses hashtag created a Twitter storm showing signs that black people were tired of investing their money into brands and businesses that do not represent or consider them and as a result.



We know that black people are underestimated (Arlan Hamilton got me using this term) and I was curious to see what spaces young black-owned businesses were most represented. Unsurprisingly, the Hair & Beauty category dominated their results. Forbes even covered the theme of black women being called the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs; again they noted spaces like health & beauty as well as food. Based on what I see and hear today, young black mums are also a growing segment and one to watch.



Although I don’t have the data, my assumption is that the majority of submissions on UKBOB were from black women. You study hard and maybe you’ve started working in Finance/Tech but at night you’re selling cakes and supplying the hair that’s on demand.






We’ve always known that our black-women are strong and now they’re showing that they’re go-getters as we see more and more of them take their destiny into their own hands or at least creating an additional income stream.



Marketing and Advertising is a piece of cake. Today, the advertising and marketing is handled neatly by platforms like Instagram and Shopify. When you see someone getting sales on Instagram, you realise that all that time in college doing your friends hair and making a pot of jollof rice for the fam can bring in that extra £ you need. Instagram who have all the attention of our generation are providing the incentive.



Events are just another way to create awareness of your hustle and build a community around it (if you’re that savvy). And what about the broskis?



As a young black king (yes that’s my title), I want to see more breddas leveraging their core competencies.


Skills such as:

● Our ability to shape global culture and make a product/service desirable

● The unrivalled energy we display in sports to deliver the best customer service

● Critical thinking without emotion



At the end of the day, work is work and it’s an important piece of the puzzle. Your ability to increase your earning potential is all on you and I can honestly say work keeps giving me experiences that will help me in future ventures. But these side hustles and the way Instagram has made it so easy, it’s a good opportunity everyone can build on.

We culture at the end of the day!