Weekly Newsletter #20: Drawn Out: Changing The Black Narrative

September 11, 2018


This week, it's likely you've heard about Drawn Out. The viral short film, which now has over 1.3 million views, has blown viewers away with its depiction of showing ways out of gang culture. The project was created to show a positive alternative to life on the estate where they grew up.The incredible film was co-created by Ambitious Academy alongside Fully Focused and Arsenal in the Community. 


In their words: "Drawn Out is a very important film to us all, it’s more than just a film, it’s hope, a way out and a message to those caught up or stuck in negative situations they don’t want to be in. It’s a look at the reality rather than the sensationalisation of street life, gang life, violence and how easy it is to get drawn out. This means the film is harsh at times but we all felt it needed to be to reach those who are in harsh situations and to deal with the rawness of these issues."


What struck me was that the creation of Drawn Out involved young people without experience in film-making or acting. They decided to show an alternative way out of the life they know by first stepping outside of their comfort zone and creating a concept from scratch.  Rather than sensationalising street life, gang life and violence, it emphasised how easy it is to get drawn out. It changed the narrative.


At BYP, we're all about changing the black narrative. We believe that young black professionals all have the opportunity to be leaders, and this is why our network is so important. I originally grew up on a street in Hackney known as 'murder mile'. I've experienced young black boys close to home getting locked up or killed. What hurts most, is that this is a common story for our community. However, we can all be a part of changing the narrative by sharing our stories and letting people know role models exist.  


If you're with us, come along to our Diversity Recruitment Fair on September 10th, where there'll be like-minded professionals, HR advisors, companies, and influencers abound! We can't wait to see all the black excellence in the room! It's all about achieving together.


See you on Monday!

Kike Oniwinde 🏿



#OTBPodcast to attend BYP Diversity Fair!




Did you see Over The Bridge featured on Stormzy's Instagram? The brilliant podcast, headed by four black Cambridge graduates, talked to the grime MC about his Stormzy scholarship and some of the discussions surrounding it. Have a listen here!


We're delighted that Over The Bridge will be attending our Black Young Professionals Recruitment Fair. it will be held at The Grange City Hotel, London on 10th September. It will be the perfect opportunity for black students, graduates and experienced hires to meet and learn more about the UK’s top employers! Featuring panel discussions (including entrepreneurship), workshops, special speakers and the opportunity to meet with HR advisors from some of the UK’s top companies, it’s not to be missed (and there'll be canapés and beverages all evening!).


Here's the list of exhibiting companies so far:


Unlocked Graduates
Tanta Recruitment
Teach First
New Entrepreneurs Foundation
Solicitors Regulation Authority



Register now!

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