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October 8, 2017

Michael Tabirade, Author & Senior NHS professional



Tell us about your journey into the corporate world


I grew up in South London in a single parent home, so had to strive for success from an early age. Originally, I had ambitions of becoming a medical doctor, studied Medical Biochemistry at the University of Leicester and decided to work at a hospital doing admin during term breaks. After graduating in 2012 without successfully completing medicine, I continued with my hospital admin job for 18 months. I was conflicted about pursuing a career in a medicine as it is very demanding, and most of my time after work was committed to studying for the entrance exams.


Being a natural networker, I attended an event where a former colleague informed me of a project management role that was up for grabs which had great prospects and paid significantly more than anticipated. I took a chance and applied, and by God's grace alone I got the job! I spent a year there, until a major operation left me unable to work for six months.


So in the summer of 2015, I went back to the drawing board and again began looking for new positions. This was a difficult time, but I have worked my way up within the NHS and had a variety of fulfilling roles in commissioning and contract management


How did you get involved with the BYP Network?


I play the game Cashflow (by Robert Kiyosaki) every month with friends, one of whom introduced me to Kike. She asked me to speak about my passion for the game at the BYP Network & Games Debate: Game Social held last May, and from there our collaborations began. She also offered me the opportunity to promote my first self-published book - Understand Reach Expand: 15 Super Effective ways to Manage your Mind.



What are three pieces of advice you would give Black Young Professionals?


  1. Commit to a cause, this means making sure that you find an interest, utilise a skill, or solve a problem that you want to commit to. This stimulates focus and your environment in turn will emulate that

  2. Take some educated risk. My philosophy is: life is one big experiment. We potentially get to play once so why not create opportunities, educate yourself on them, plan and take a leap? Is it really risk? You'll only know if your try, that way you have something to work with.

  3. Lastly, develop a strong network! This comes in many forms, but attend as many events as you can where you can meet like-minded people and share your cause with.The BYP Network is the perfect tool for this, as you build a strong and eclectic network, and I have already connected with so many people on the app and I'd definitely recommend it. If you want to go even further to create accountability, join a mastermind group which focuses purely on a desired primary aim. It makes a huge difference to productivity and obtaining results!


Tell us about your plans and what you have coming up in the future


‎I have nine other pre-written books, the second one is underway and the third is in the editing stages. In addition, I am creating courses that aims to help people reach their goals online and offline. The biggest thing I'll be doing is releasing a brand that provides professional and personal development to self-starters. (Find out more here) I'm looking to develop a team for this going forward so contact me via my Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram! I'll definitely be using the BYP Network and the thousands of young professionals on there to my full advantage. I'm also expanding my wealth generation using a method known as private labelling. The future's looking bright and I am as optimistic as ever!