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September 26, 2017

Nikki Olomo, BYP network blog contributor and Risk Consultant



"Just persevere, and keep trying to build transferable skills in other ways, be it through volunteering or mentoring opportunities."


How did you get involved with the BYP network?

Ive known Kike for quite a while as we have a mutual friend. She saw a LinkedIn comment I'd made about wanting to get more writing opportunities, having started my own blog ' Days in the Life' and wanting to build on that. She approached me about blogging for the BYP network, which I thought was such a unique idea that filled a much needed gap in the market, and so my contributions began! 

Tell us about your educational background and journey into the corporate world 

I commuted to school in Essex from East London, after my mum didn't let me go to the local school with all my friends as she thought it would be no good for me. I resented her for it at the time, but now I'm older I really appreciate her choice as I feel I reached my full academic potential there. I had the luck of really hands on teachers who really cared about me doing well, and I did so with great GCSE and A Level results, which set me up to study Economics at Leicester.

Even with all my partying and freedom, I managed to obtain a 2:1. However, I didn't get any internships while at uni (not for lack of trying), so didn't have a grad job to fall into. I instead took the path of retail grind for 2 years, until I got onto a Grad scheme at a Big 4 which I am currently on. The 2 year job hunt really taught me to be patient, resilient and trust in Gods timing and I'm on a good scheme where I'm also studying the ACA qualification which my company pays for.

Are you working on anything besides work?

Well before work, my main priority is being a mother to my 11 month old daughter lovingly referred to as Baby S. I'm currently planning her first birthday bonanza, and I am also in the idea/business planning stage of starting my own brand, so that's all pretty exciting at the moment

Any advice you can give to those maybe struggling to get on the corporate ladder?

Just persevere, and keep trying to build transferable skills in other ways, be it through volunteering or mentoring opportunities. Also, be sure to download the BYP network app as your step into in the corporate world may be found there!